Friday, May 15, 2009


I'm a professional artist and a professional geek and I love drawing on my iPod Touch, a technique I call 'iDrawing'. On and off I've been working on the grand overview/review of all the drawing/painting/sketching programs for the iPod Touch/iPhone but I haven't had time to complete it. Plus, fortunately, updates keep being published, so I need to update what I have so far. So before I complete the big chart (possibly never), I'm going to do stand-alone reviews, one at a time, of each of the drawing, painting and sketching programs I've used. These include programs intended for serious artists, programs intended for kids and completely non-traditional programs. I'll included a summary of features, pros, cons and links to some images I've made using each one.

Please use comments to correct anything that needs correcting, and also to add your reviews or opinion. Please be as specific and detailed about the pros/cons of features or interface as possible - all "this s$cks I can't believe I paid two dollars" comments will be deleted.

Some of the prograns I've used and intend to review are: Brushes, Colors, No.2, iDoodle2, Scribble Lite, Squiggles, Sketches, ColorTilt, ScratchAway, Doodle Kids, Kids Paint, Sketchinz, Whiteboard, Wooly Willy, Paintbook and Light Show. Plus one where you draw with flames, and another one where you can allow accelerometer physics to affect part of your drawing, and others I've since taken off my device and will need to re-download in order to properly review. If you've published an Ap intended for drawing/painting/sketching on the iPhone/iPod Touch, and it's free, it's likely to get reviewed here eventually. If it costs $5 or less and has at least one feature not available in the free programs, it's also very likely to get reviewed. If you've developed a drawing/painting/sketching AP and would like to bring it to my attention to use and review sooner, please send me an email or add a comment to any posting.

Here's the beginning of the Big Chart comparing all the art programs I've reviewed so far.

Well, that's the plan... let's see how I do!

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